Welcome to Manitoulin Island, where you’ll be surrounded by crystal clear waters, natures beauty, and rays of the Island sun!

Pierside Restaurant, established in 1987, was one of the first original buildings in South Baymouth. We are known to many as “The Yam Family” who came from the  urban life of Toronto to moving and immersing ourselves in a variety of different businesses here on the rural grounds of Manitoulin Island.

From the first moment we walked into the place, we knew that this little charm had future potential and thus begun a new chapter in our lives. It started out as a source of financial support for a growing family of four, to becoming the second generation of a successful and respected family business. Since the beginning, we as a family are involved in the day-to-day operations and have made many great friends over the years. We are proud to have built a strong and valuable platform within our community and believe that our team of dynamic individuals are the foundation of our growth and development.

With a rich history of hospitality, guests can feel welcome and enjoy comfort food at its finest! Our focus is to bring people and food together because universally, it’s a vital part of sharing cultural and heritage backgrounds. We welcome families of all sizes and strive to provide an enjoyable and lively atmosphere with our outdoor community tables, where many new guests can feel welcome and have our regular customers feel right at home.

Our extensive menu combines dishes from comfort to casual foods, featuring our Signature Fish & Chips made with the same perfected recipe for decades! The foundation of our food begins with the best ingredients and whenever possible, they are sourced from our local farmers and businesses.

We aim to provide a positive and memorable guest experience so that we can continue to grow within our community as well as the restaurant industry. It has been our pleasure to serve you for more than 30 years and we thank you for choosing to dine with us!

– The Yam Family (Justin, Linda, Brandon, Jane & David)